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El Puente Community Center is dedicated to serving the Hispanic community in Cookeville and Putnam County. Your donation helps us continue to provide access to essential resources and services. Click the button below to make a donation and support our mission.


Bridge Builder Program

El Puente Community Center relies on the support of sponsors to help us provide essential resources and services to the Hispanic community in Cookeville and Putnam County. By choosing to make your support recurring, you can help us bridge the gap and connect our community with the resources they need. Consider a monthly donation to join our Bridge Builders and make the most possible impact!


English Hour

Each Tuesday there is a time for Spanish-speakers to come and practice their language skills. We need volunteer, native English-speakers to come be a part of this time, guiding discussion and allowing language learners to practice! Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering at this activity.

Event Preparation

There is always something going on at El Puente. Each week there is Cafecito and another community activity, whether it be a class or celebration. Considering coming to serve at one of our events. This can be providing the meal, serving the meal and prepping the space with us or simply coming to welcome and converse with the attendees. If you are interested in serving at an event contact our staff at (931) 221-2913.

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