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May 27th | Growing Together

There are so many things that connect us as individuals. So many things we have in common. Our similarities bring us comfort and laughter, but our differences help us grow! As an initiative of Manna Global Missions, this group of women has been meeting at El Puente to study the Bible this spring. As this quarter concludes, they reflect with grateful hearts for the friendships cultivated and the community experienced.

"The Women's Devotional Time for me has been a great experience, which far exceeded my expectations. It made me learn many things about friendship, empathy, love and prayer. Sharing with women, with different ways of thinking, praying, and loving, has enriched my way of seeing life. I would certainly recommend joining us." - Yadira

When the new session begins in August, we will post information on how you can be a part of this growing group of women.

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