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June 4th | A Place of Welcome

On August 31, 2022, El Puente hosted its first Cafecito. As we approach the second anniversary of that day, we reflect on the many people who have entered through the doors of El Puente. What seems like a simple cup of coffee can be so much more. Here a place to know that you are seen and cared about. A place to discuss your culture and traditions. The things you love about this place and the things you miss about where you're from.

“El Puente is a place where we can meet to talk and relax for a while. It is a special place and I like to go because it distracts me a lot and I love the people who are there, they are very good people. That's why I love El Puente, a place to meet with friends and talk." - Gladis Guzman

Come experience this welcoming place!

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